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A punk's gotta do what a punk's gotta do in "Crows: Episode 0," the third picture by prolific Japanese maverick Takashi Miike to hit the fest circuit in as many months, following "Like a Dragon" and "Sukiyaki Western Django."Recalling any number of brawling student pics from Asia - and playing sometimes like a serious version of the South Korean "Conduct Zero" (2002) - this prequel to a planned adaptation of the manga by Hiroshi Takahashi, which sold more than 32 million copies in Japan, opens locally Oct. 27. In the West, "Crows" should raise a ruckus as a culty DVD title.

The students of Suzuran High compete for the King of School title. An ex-graduate yakuza is sent to kill the son of a criminal group, but he can't make himself to do it as he reminds him of his youth.

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